Friday, April 6, 2012

A Gamers Blog

You may wonder why I am blogging? Okay, I doubt that. Hell, you probably don't care, and that is completely fine with me, I could care less about myself most of the time, too. Obviously, this is my first post. I wanted to write a blog from my standpoint in the gaming world. In my honest opinion, and I might be bias on this, I consider myself a horrible gamer. Over my entire life I have played so many games, and I could consider myself  okay at best, for some reason, I just don't see myself as a great gamer. It might be because I am left handed and totally a klutz when it comes to the stupid keyboard  (key bindings are so right-handed based especially on a laptop!) or game-pads, and yes! this includes console games, or it could be because I was dropped on my head as a baby (my mother aways tells me that)...who knows.

To be up front, I am not a little kid, but I am sure I have some complaints and bitching in my system when it comes to games that may make me seem like one of those twelve year old's that play World of Warcraft and tell their mommy "waaaah he hurt my feelings" or rather just make me frustrated enough to act stupid and elementary..and I am pretty sure that seems like a run on sentence. I think every gamer ends up like that though, because this day-in-age with the anonymity, its easy to get lost in your own douchgagginess, although I must admit I only act like a douchebag to people who overstay their welcome in the douchebag department.

I play a lot of games, but because I am going to college I only have so much time I can game now days. Yes, I do play World of Warcraft, who doesn't? I play a holy paladin as my main, and I love it. I have had the toon since two months after the game launched and it is my baby. It's my baby because I invested my time into the character for the 8-ish years its been around. Don't get me wrong though, Warcraft games like Orcs & Humans keep me far more entertained than WoW, simply because I am dealing with NPC play, and no outside sources of douchebagginess. I started playing Warcraft a LONG time ago, maybe even more years than you as the reader have been alive...I said Warcraft, not World of Warcraft.

Of course you hear me speaking of Blizzard games, and the company makes awesome games like Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft in all of its forms, but I do like other games. Fallout, Half-Life, Elder Scrolls to the Fifth Power....Amnesia: the Dark Decent, Drakensang and it's multiple games including the free MMORPG, NHL sports games because I LOVE hockey, and also MLB and boxing games. Like I said before I play a lot of games that, at least to me, think that I am not very good at. Maybe I will make some videos of my adventures in the game world, eventually, but with my social anxiety, I may make a video with Fraps and think "thats shit", right away, and delete it because I am my own worst critic.

For now I am going to end this simply because I know no one will read this and because I know people do not want to read books of a blog. Also if you have read this far and are active in the gaming world of blogs, shoot me a line and I'll be gladly to add you to my blog roll and read what you have to say about whatever it is you happen to be writing about in the gaming world.

Peace, and have an awesome Easter!

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