Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RIFT - A Noob's First Impression

Okay so I jumped on the RIFT bandwagon, since I spotted that they have a Free-to-Play version, pretty much like the World of Warcraft version, where you get the first 20 levels to do whatever the hell you want, although I haven't tested any chat, auctioning, or anything like that to see if it is restricted. Before this, I had never played RIFT before, never seen any game play before, so it was all sort of fresh jumping into it. Sure RIFT is old news, but some people just get to games late.

I will say that there some good things about this game, and of course some bad things. Something I really like about the game is the classes. A lot of the classes and sub-classes seem to be like mutated WoW classes, which is good, because they are different enough to be interesting, yet similar enough for those players who like the same damn thing in everything they play. Currently I am messing around with a Guardian Justicar Cleric (Tank?) and it seems okay, kind of boring, but that is probably because I am only level 5. Maybe Inquisitor would be more my forte, I will have to try different builds for the Cleric so that I can see what would be enjoyable. I also made a Stormcaller Mage, which I haven't played enough to really know if I like it or not because it was late at night and I went to sleep shortly after making it. From the name it gives me the impression that its like a Shaman in WoW, but since I haven't played extensively to know, I am hoping that it is different, and unique.

Now one of the bad things (maybe it could be good too?), is that RIFT seems to be a World of Warcraft clone, almost to the extent where based off the interface and most of the mechanics, they could be the same game. I think the only real difference at face value is the graphics of RIFT, which are a little more realistic than the catoonish style that we familiarized with World of Warcraft. Like I mentioned above is that this could also be a good thing. Although I generally don't like that the game is so much like WoW, I kind of like the fact that I don't have to re-learn where to find things in menu's or how mechanics work. It is easier to jump into a game and enjoy it because of that familiarity.

Overall, I like RIFT, and who knows after I get to level 20 on my characters, I might even invest in some real game time if I enjoy it. From a person who has played WoW since launch, it is nice to be able to go to another game every once in awhile and enjoy it.

So what are your impressions of RIFT? Do you have any max level characters? Do you have any tips for a noob?

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